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Grocery stores should help old and alone

Dear Sir,

I am one of thousands of folk on the Island who are old and live alone.

We find ourselves having to buy things in much greater quantity than we need. The result is waste.

Potatoes are sold usually in 5lb bags, onions the same. These items, when sold separately, are poorer in quality and appearance than those in the bags, as well as being more expensive.

I like Caesar salad. But white romaine lettuce is sold in bags of three, which last me a month — half get thrown away as the leaves turn brown. I congratulate Supermart, which offers a mixed pack of vegetables; two spuds, one or two carrots, an onion, a small turnip, sometimes a small half-cabbage and a sprig of thyme. Buying cooked food at the hot deli is an enormous advantage.

We can select what we need and it is not too pricey. It would be useful if those supermarkets selling hot deli would publish the hours when their cooked food is served, and give some thought to having food cooked later in the day to be used for dinner.

Old codger