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Concern over health risks of cell towers

Causing controversy: Cell towers

Dear Sir,

Is Bermuda experiencing a cancer epidemic?

Think of how many people you know who have had cancer diagnosed. Three of my neighbours are suffering. Two of them are young. Why is this happening?

I looked on my computer and plugged into Google and pulled up “health risks associated with cellphone towers”.

I was amazed at the many pages of articles about thousands of studies worldwide that prove conclusively that the low levels of radiation coming from cellphone towers have been linked to brain tumours, cancer, suppressed immune function, depression, miscarriage, Alzheimer’s disease, skin diseases — including the deadly melanoma — and many other serious illnesses.

One scientist, Dr Gerald Hyland, a two-time nominee for a Nobel Prize for medicine, stated: “Existing safety guidelines for cellphone towers are completely inadequate and cellphone companies unethically promote their own vested interests and ignore the overwhelming evidence of the health risks.”

There are hundreds of studies conducted by scientists worldwide confirming the risks.

Scientists conclude that cellphone towers are here to stay but should be located away from residential areas and far away from schools and day care centres. One study recommends seven miles from these. Here in Bermuda, some locals, for financial gain, are having towers erected on their property.

Parents and teachers at Ord Road Primary School should be very concerned about the towers (less than half a mile apart) in Warwick.

Our politicians should forget their party allegiances and combine to investigate these various cell towers. I am led to believe that existing regulations are out of date and inadequate. Cellphone companies can do pretty much anything they feel like.

Do we want to be responsible for condemning our young people and future generations to terrible debilitating diseases?

Concerned resident