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Please don’t pull plug on BBC World

Dear Sir,

I, and I am sure many other thinking people, miss BBC World on the radio.

It’s a unique service, providing a constant link with the outside world, and it gives up-to-date, unbiased news and in-depth comment on universal topics, which all thinking people in Bermuda would surely miss.

It is certainly the bedrock of my life. I listen to it most of the time — even though it repeats itself, there could always be nuggets of information that you missed.

Please, anyone who misses BBC world, contact Kenneth DeFontes at VSB on 292-0050 or e-mail info@vsb.bm and let him know how much we appreciate it and that we want it back.

Yes, music has its place in life, but not everybody wants to listen to it brainlessly all day every day. It gets a bit much.

BBC World friend, Devonshire