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Post Office ‘stupidity’ simply not good enough

Poor excuse: No air conditioning is not a reason to close Mangrove Bay Post Office, above, says letter writer Dockyard Lackey

Dear Sir,

My gripe today is the Post Office, specifically the Mangrove Bay Office.

I have been waiting for a letter for several days and got notice yesterday (July 5) that it had arrived.

I went to the Post Office today only to find that the office was closed due to no air conditioning.

The notice stated that the business was closed until further notice.

Question is. Why can’t they open a few windows, turn on some fans, and serve the public who pay their salaries?

I know of dozens of businesses who do not have the luxury of air conditioning and still operate.

I could add more observations on this stupidity, but I’ll leave that to other disgruntled BPO customers.