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Don’t take away joy of fishing from children

Jordan Talbot age 5 enjoys an afternoon of fishing before returning to school tomorrow. (Photo by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

In today’s newspaper (Friday, July 17) I read the article about fishing recreation. Well, I think that is a serious matter.

We have to take into consideration that in today’s world, recreation is quite important as children’s worlds do not have much interaction with nature and environment.

Tighter rules because of one spotted individual? Well, that will put more restrictions on Bermuda. Don’t you think we have enough restrictions already?

You are going to punish grandfather and grandson, or father and son, of that tremendous pleasure that we have and one that is free of charge, too. Think twice before you act in such matter. Yes, you are right to punish severely the people who are not respecting the environment.

By the way, the same should go for littering. You get caught, you should pay a fine like in Switzerland.

But please don’t take away the joy left for the children because once you tighten the rules most of the people will stop fishing.

I would love to take my grandson fishing on the rocks like I did with my son. No restrictions, just catch and release the small fish, keep the big ones. Just a thought.