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The news is not an opinion show, ZBM

Dear Sir,

Night after night I watch the ZBM News in disbelief.

I personally do not care which political persuasion the owners, reporters or newsreaders ascribe to, but the one evening local news programme on television should be able to fairly present both sides of a story.

Constant attacks on the OBA government with flippant remarks like “We had not received a response from the Government before this newscast” are unacceptable.

There is a level of responsibility demanded in a civilised society and the news is not an “opinion” show — it’s supposed to tell it like it is, with both sides being presented.

I have had enough. Clearly, there is no sense of right nor responsibility at ZBM, and my small act of defiance is to not patronise any advertiser — including Perry Footwear and MarketPlace, especially — who supports that one-sided show.

And I encourage others who feel the same way I do — and I know there are many — to do the same.

You want one-sided opinion shows, listen to almost any radio talk show.