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Reid Street store’s lack of AC is horrendous

Dear Sir,

During the first week in June, I visited a store by the name of Women’secret on Reid Street.

I went in to purchase a couple of bathing suits for my family vacation abroad.

To my horrendous surprise, there was no air conditioning!

It’s so hot in there that as soon as I walked in the door, it was like an immediate slap in the face.

It smelt musty and it was hard to breathe. The two sales associates were posted behind the counter with two very small desk fans, one of which looked as if it was brought from home.

They looked exhausted and as if they would faint at any moment.

As I made my way to the changing room, I realised that it is even hotter back there. While trying to fit things, I began to sweat profusely. It is absolutely impossible to try things on in there.

I took a walk upstairs to the sales section and I could barely stand it. To say the least, it’s the same; maybe even worse.

It’s now August and, since my initial visit almost five weeks ago, I’m horrified to know that they still have no air conditioning.

I know that Hornburg Calypso on Front Street owns this store and they should be very ashamed of themselves.

Something must be done because it is unfair and inhumane that these girls must work in these conditions. It is not good for their health, nor is it good for business.

I really hope they get air conditioning very soon and that they receive some sort of compensation for having to work in those conditions. I know I wouldn’t last one day in there!