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Wanted: honourable people to lead country

Marc Bean

Dear Sir,

Now that MP Marc Bean has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in his choice of words to verbally eviscerate a political opponent in what was a good defence mounted by lawyer Charles Richardson, it is no longer necessary to comment on the type of language or the very base level of his bombastic, verbal offensives on the Government he clearly despises.

What is interesting, however, is that the new and acceptable level of debate has smashed through any barriers of decent and scholarly discourse to advance policy and forward alternative plans as the way to proceed for our betterment.

As it is now OK to use a “political term” such as political whore, we open a box of lewd and filthy terms to the lexicon of what is thought as good and robust debate of cut and thrust.

Shall we introduce “political thug”, “hoodlums of Parliament”, “party prostitutes”, “politics of the occult” and any other thing that may emanate from vile thinking? We certainly hope not!

It is a privilege to serve your country in public life, and often thankless, but if elected, you asked for it; suck it in and get on with it. The US Marines want a few good men and we want honourable men and women to lead our country. This is not choir practice, we realise, but we do expect a clean exchange of ideas in a spirited chamber that will be heated with differences and not brawling, nasty mob-like behaviour. When the name-calling starts, it normally means you have lost the debate and the day belongs to your opponent. Mr Editor, I am shocked that the Speaker could be accused of taking a $45,000 bribe during a censure motion and not a shred of proof outside that hallowed chamber be offered.