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When did ‘coarsening of discourse’ begin?

Firm friends: Former Premier Sir John Swan with Colin Powell at Bermuda's Four Ways Inn (File photograph)

Dear Sir,

I read with interest your Editorial (July 28) in which you cite Secretary [Colin] Powell and his approach to leadership.

What fascinated me most was this portion from your own pen: “The ongoing coarsening of Bermuda’s political discourse, the overreliance by both parties on what spin doctors call ‘negative messaging’ to amplify and reinforce existing doubts and fears, is continuing to sap the morale of our people and undermine the confidence of overseas investors.”

I, along with many others I’m sure, would be most interested to learn when you think this “coarsening of Bermuda’s political discourse” began.

I certainly have a view and I can assure you that the record will reflect that it did not begin in 2012, but was the very bedrock of the former Opposition’s claim to fame. It is almost impossible to believe, but before the 2012 election there were nine Opposition MPs. However, thanks mostly to your publication, their voices were made to be more like 90. Their every scurrilous and unfounded accusation was given full and extended voice such that it became virtually impossible for the former Government to govern.

Until your paper admits its role in this “coarsening of Bermuda’s political discourse”, your writings on the subject ring exceptionally hollow. If the confidence of overseas investors is being undermined then, with respect, “you reap what you sow”.

A.S. SIMONS, Paget