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Dirty political laundry should be aired

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Marc Bean, PLP leader

Dear Sir,

The women MPs for the Progressive Labour Party were pivotal in the resignation of former Premier Craig Cannonier after the “Jetgate” scandal and the missing $300,000 political campaign money from a US developer. They called on the women MPs of the One Bermuda Alliance “to do the right thing” in calling for their leader’s resignation after a year of massive public outcry.

The silence by these same esteemed women MPs in the PLP over the disrespectful, vicious and sexist remarks made by their party leader is deafening and hypocritical. Ironically, one of my children called me a hypocrite yesterday (August 18) when I told them off after their comments that they wouldn’t vote at the next election because I had not done so in 2012. My child was correct, so I will change my ways.

Women in this country represent more than 50 per cent of the population.

We need to stand up and be counted on in politics and take ownership for steering the country in the right direction. Calling one of us “whores” demeans all of us.

All too often in party politics, dirty laundry is not aired and it ends up stinking worse. Air it out and let the chips fall where they should.

Eventually, wrong shall be made right if we do so, better leaders will emerge and our country will be better off.

Yours sincerely,


Craig Cannonier