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Campaign can dish it out but can’t take it

Jason Hayward

Dear Sir,

Can you believe this? After making hysterical claims on August 19 that the Government was interfering with its freedom of speech, the People’s Campaign actually spent the rest of the week shutting down the public’s freedom to comment on its claims. I kid you not!

Word has it that their lawyer wrote to both Bernews and The Royal Gazette, demanding that they shut down comments on their coverage of the Campaign’s press conference. Your paper, Mr Editor, gave in to that demand, so that the 74 comments that were made are no longer visible.

Bernews also did so at first, putting a statement on the suppressed story page that said “Comments are closed as the latest entity to receive legal correspondence in relation to this matter is Bernews, which has been contacted by a lawyer representing Mr Jason Hayward.”

Later, the editor seems to have changed her mind and reposted the story in its entirety, with the ability to comment intact.

Good for you, Bernews. Don’t let these arrogant lawyers bluff you into co-operating in their outrageous attempt to shut down the whole of Bermuda’s freedom of speech.

I did notice, as you might suspect, that of 51 comments on the Bernews story, only four supported the People’s Campaign.

I didn’t have an opportunity to make a similar count on the Gazette’s site, but I would guess it would not be appreciably different.

I guess that means this bunch of goons can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Rev Tweed, Chris Fubert, Jason Hayward, you should hang your heads in shame!