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We must hold the Government to account

Michael Dunkley, the Premier(Photograph by Nicola Muirhead)

Dear Sir,

I can’t imagine the consequences for me writing this letter, but I believe there are three things we can’t hide. The sun, moon and the truth.

The present Government led by Premier Fahy, oh, I’m sorry, Premier Dunkley, Mr Richards, and Mr Crockwell have clearly demonstrated to the people of Bermuda that they are only interested in protecting the big businesses, raising taxes, and instituting laws which make Bermudians foreign in their own country; not to mention the fact they haven’t created the 2,000 jobs which they have now forgotten about.

I will agree that we do need to pay taxes, have a good relationship with the big businesses, and also a limited number of foreigners working, but these things can be achieved without being a total inconvenience to the Bermudian people who have to live and work here.

These people who we elected, not including one, to represent the interest of Bermuda and Bermudians need to take the time to travel the Island and see the total neglect which they have allowed.

Many people, not just Bermudians/visitors will agree that it is really unacceptable.

Many of our streets need repairs, including paving. In addition, there are trees/weeds growing on the streets, the public transport buses have not been maintained in months, the ferry schedule is constantly disrupted owing to maintenance problems and the list goes on and on. Bermuda, I believe there comes a time when we must say enough is enough, and start to hold this government responsible/accountable for their actions, or the lack thereof.

Bermuda we deserve better.

Stand up, make a change, make Bermudians work with, and for Bermudians.



Ps: Michael Dunkley, the Premier, has taken the occasional opportunity to appear via the media and preach about the accomplishments of the OBA Government and its future plans, which have very little to do with benefiting Bermudians. Well Mr Dunkley, I believe you need to come out of the shadow of Mr Fahy Mr Crockwell, Mr Richards and publicly announce your intentions and future plans, if any, and hopefully they will include incentives and motivation for the hard-working people of Bermuda.