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My sweet son would not have hurt a fly

Stabbing victim: Johnathan Darrell was killed at Rural Hill Plaza

Dear Sir,

Johnathan Darrell, my handsome son, who was killed two weeks ago in a senseless manner was a sweet young man who wouldn’t hurt a fly! He was good to me. Johnathan would always call me to see how I was doing or just to say hello.

Sometimes he would visit me for advice if he was having problems with his relationships. Johnathan was loved by everyone, especially his best friends. He was also a hard worker.

His boss loved him along with his workmates. They called him “Borboleta”. Which means butterfly in Portuguese.

Although he was not a father, the women whom he dated often had children.

He would be more of father to these children than their own fathers.

I feel that our politicians should get together to place a law for fast-food establishments to close at a suitable time or place heavy security to prevent violence or any unnecessary deaths, where parents or siblings have to experience such a tragic loss that we have had to endure.

On behalf of his father, his sister, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, I believe that the passing of this law would be conducive in the prevention of such a tragic crime ever happening again!