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Sometimes visitors need more than a map

Seeing the sights: Tourists in St George’s examine a map of the Island (File photograph)

Dear Sir,

This is a response to the comments on the letter “I have never witnessed such kindness”, published on September 17, saying that all the letter-writer needed was a map.

Perhaps the comments came from someone who has never been a visitor in Bermuda.

A map is wonderful, assuming that it has all the streets on it. Most of those provided to tourists do not, and finding an accurate map is laborious; the best such map, sometimes available at Phoenix Stores, is a reprint of an older map and is not up to date, and provided that there is a street sign (not prevalent) on the relevant Bermuda streets or roads.

We have been visiting regularly, at least once a year, for almost 20 years, staying a month at a time, and have walked and ridden buses all over the Island, carrying our trusty and ragged map with us, but still cannot find addresses.

We love the Island and return whenever we can but we are dismayed by the “if you don’t know where it is, you should not go there” attitude.

Try to find the address of a business that advertises in The Royal Gazette or The Bermudian magazine.

We, too, have been the grateful recipients of wonderful Bermuda hospitality to visitors, and that is one of the reasons we keep returning.