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Eliminate terrorists where we find them

Nation in mourning: people react in front of the Paris morgue, in Paris, France, yesterday (Photograph by François Mori/AP)

Dear Sir,

The evil we see unfolding before our very eyes in Paris under siege by Isis terrorists is just the beginning.

Unless we mount a ruthless, vicious, all-out, destroy-and-eliminate operation immediately, we will continue to give them comfort and more time to get stronger after each attack. It won’t be easy, as there isn’t one enemy, but unidentified pockets of evil bent on destroying what they call infidels — that’s us.

These terrorists are carefully hidden and well disguised in our midst.

We would not be able to face our young and the next generation if we allowed them to inherit this evil, so we must do what is right.

Eliminate where we find them.

This kind of horror is new and not easily understood or absorbed, but we are faced with a duty that has to be met.

With God’s help and understanding, we will.