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34 of our MPs are cowards not fit for office

Divisive issue: same-sex marriage

Dear Sir,

I read with dismay your headline, “Same-sex marriage: only two of 36 MPs reply”, and feel obligated to express the following opinion.

The 34 politicians who declined to express an opinion on this subject have demonstrated the most reprehensible behaviour, as supposed “leaders” of our community. I say clearly that they are cowards and not fit to hold office at any level.

This important issue, that involves the eradication of the last vestiges of discrimination in our society, is a matter of basic human rights and should not be left to political expediency, and who shouts the loudest.

It is no coincidence that the religious right have seized upon this issue and are fighting to have their limited perspective made the law of the land. Hopefully there are enough educated people out there who can think for themselves to balance the hateful rhetoric from prejudiced folks.

Normally I would look to our leaders to resolve this, but as I have already stated above, when only two of them have exhibited any kind of moral compass, it is a shamefully hopeless state of affairs.

I would respectfully suggest that anyone who is impacted by the failure to correct the current discriminatory policies, start shouting very loudly (especially on electronic media accessible to the real world), and withhold both your vote and your spending money from those individuals and institutions that would keep you as second-class citizens. Thank you for this opportunity to speak.