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Here is my tourism CD idea for BTA

Dear Sir,

I have just been watching NESN channel 42 on Cablevision and I must congratulate Gosling Brothers for advertising the Dark ’n Stormy on that channel; everybody in Boston saw it.

Great exposure for Bermuda. Now, Bermuda Tourism Authority, get your finger out and create a 30-minute CD featuring Cambridge Beaches, Pompano Beach, The Reefs, The Fairmont Southampton and Hamilton Princess.

Show our beaches, Horseshoe Bay, Church Bay, John Smith’s Bay, Port Royal Golf Course, Mid Ocean Golf Club, our longtail and our Bermuda Fitted Dinghy. Show the room rates for these hotels between November 1 and May 1.

This would be great exposure for Bermuda during our winter season. Advertise this CD on sports channels in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, London, Paris, Berlin. Come on BTA, I have to think for you? I’m not making $300,000 a year. Food for thought.



Let's promote ourselves: Horseshoe Bay is one of the many attractions in Bermuda that could be part of a 30-minute CD