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Love, joy and peace to you Mr Spence!

Dear Sir,

How wonderful it is to know that there are good, honest people in this world.

Bermuda should be especially proud of Rudolph Spence. My heartfelt thanks goes out to him for his kindness and overwhelming honesty in retrieving my lost wallet.

The wallet had contained cash, credit cards, driver’s licence and some personal items of sentimental value. Once I realised it was missing, I retraced my steps, but could not find it anywhere. I thought it may have been stolen.

As I was preparing to leave the house to report the matter to the police, a gentleman arrived and showed me a driver’s licence that he thought was mine. He then handed me my wallet. Although the money had gone, my driver’s licence. credit card, and a precious keepsake were safe.

Apparently in his job as a refuse collector, Mr Spence unlocked a trash can on Front Street and saw my wallet. Then he went out of his way to find me, which was not an easy task.

My dear Mr Spence, I wish you and your family love, joy, peace and happiness for Christmas and 2016.