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Praise for late, great David Ifor Nisbett

Fondly remembered: the late David Ifor Nisbett with his brother, Canon Thomas Nisbett (File photograph)

Dear Sir,

There aren’t many people in the world as great as the late David Ifor Nisbett, in my opinion.

He had an immense loyalty to his family and to his church, St Monica’s Mission, where he served as a senior choirmaster and teacher. His commitment to the church was displayed in the religious ornaments he produced for the church ceremonies.

Whenever I visited St Monica’s, Ifor would eagerly show me his stunning handicrafts. He was an outstanding carpenter-joiner, who had been trained by his father, and at the Dockyard facility. In addition, he received instructions with Rudy Pearman, who preceded him at the carpentry mill of Burland, Conyers and Marirea. Ifor was a perfectionist and I was very fortunate to work under his charge at BCM. I felt very proud when he referred folks to my carpentry shop, when the demand for his carpentry work exceeded his capacity to fulfil all of the orders on time.

David Ifor Nisbett: mentor, role model and faithful servant. During the Forties, my younger brother Floyd and Mr Nisbett were choirboys in St Monica’s with the other Nisbett boys, including Canon Thomas Nisbett.