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The future under 'The Trumpery Party'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures to supporters during a rally. (Photograph by Chris O'Meara/AP)

Dear Sir,The outcome of the US election will have an effect on all of us, and so I thought that Bermudians should feel free to express themselves on this matter.It seems apparent that a political party will form around Donald Trump, to be called, no doubt, “The Trumpery Party”. Its likely platform will be fascinating — I expect it will include erasure of the borders between the United States, Mexico and Canada, plus the absorption of several smaller nations within the US. This will solve their immigration problems. In the East, the most active nation is North Korea — I expect the Trumpery Party will call for an alliance with North Korea, with a view to taking over China, eliminating a source of friction with Beijing. The United Nations will be required to elect an American as Secretary-General, who will be given plenipotentiary powers to run the world in accordance with the wishes of the President of the United States, who will be given absolute power over the Senate and the House in order to unify the nation properly. I expect there will be more points that the Trumpery Party will add to its manifesto. I look forward to the future with interest.WILLIAM ZUILL SR