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Do we need a new airport? I don’t think so

Dear Sir,

In Saturday’s newspaper, your correspondent, Al Seymour, said: “Bermuda is in need of a new airport and few people would disagree with that.”

I guess I am one of the minority.

My father always told me “if you cannot afford something, you don’t buy it”.

The country has a high debt — we did not need a new hospital; a cruise ship terminal at Dockyard and we cannot afford a new airport.

We were told there were no small ships for Hamilton and St George a few years ago and that is why we had to have an overpriced cruise terminal.

This year, we have seen a few smaller cruise boats in Hamilton and it is reasonable to assume the passengers love to step off the ship right into downtown.

Until the economy improves and the debt is lowered, we cannot afford to finance anything with money we do not have.