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Spending my vacation in Bermuda was right decision

Taste of paraside: a visitor fell in love with the fish sandwich from Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy

Dear Sir,

When I was researching for a place to visit during spring break, I wanted to go somewhere I wasn’t familiar with. Bermuda was the perfect vacation spot for me because I was able to go somewhere I had never been before and I could also visit my family: the beaches, scenery, people and, especially, the food played a major role in me choosing to come here for my 21st birthday.

Coming from The Culinary Institute of America, I live, eat and breathe food.

When I had Art Mel’s fish sandwich, it was by far the best fish sandwich I’ve ever had. Everything from the size, texture and flavour allowed me to truly see that the chefs at the restaurant take their craft very seriously and their passion comes through when eating their food.

Spending my vacation here was definitely the right decision. The culture and the atmosphere come through in every direction you take. Bermuda is truly an island of paradise.


Manhattan, New York