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Setting record straight about my new book

Dear Sir,

I am writing about the story written about my new book, Ashay! Bermuda Stories for Children. This book is a coffee-table book, in full colour, more than 150 pages, printed on thick, glossy paper. It is beautifully illustrated by Bermudian artist and educator Angela Ming-Bean.

Although I appreciate the coverage, it is truly unfortunate that the headline and focus of this story is about enslavement. It is not the point of the book, nor do the stories start there.

The book begins with the fact that black people were the first people to live on Earth; Bermuda’s history is placed within the context of the longer existence of African people — as it should be. It provides academically based information about Kemet (ancient Egypt), the African empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhay, the values of Ma’at, what the ancestors valued — education, artisans — before getting to the financial institution of enslavement.

While the writer provides the price of the book, she does not mention its high quality, full colour, glossaries, study questions or lessons for today’s young people. In short, this article misrepresented the purpose, intention and point of Ashay! Bermuda Stories for Children, therefore doing a disservice in communicating the exciting opportunity for parents and grandparents to have solid information to teach their children.

Consequently, I am writing to you to set the record straight.