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Nurses, frequent visits must be a priority

(Photo by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

All that glisters is not gold. We probably have one of the finest hospitals in the world, thanks to the generosity of Bermudians and offshore companies.

Each patient has a private room that costs the insurance companies $1,000 a day. The flaw in this system is there is not a roommate to call for help if a patient requires immediate assistance.

Each wing has a doctor and a nursing station. As a “patient visitor”, herein lies the problem.

I have a friend in hospital and I am disgusted that the personnel on the ward stations never come to check out a patient on a regular basis. Is there glue on their seats or is there no code of discipline that they regularly visit each patient under their care?

Simple requests such as: my friend has to lie on one side, do you have pillows to support her? “Only two pillows per patient” is the response. You press the matter and they find a wedge perfect for the issue.

To my knowledge, my friend has been waiting several days for a radiographer to read the results of her most recent test. None of these answers is acceptable for a very sick patient whose insurance company is paying for them to lay there with no forward assistance.

The head of nursing needs to be called to task. Why is there only one radiographer in a hospital of this size? It is time that we demand that nurses stand up and “nurse”, and find out what is hidden away that may assist the comfort of a very sick patient.

It is also time that the administrator takes a long, hard look at the neglect that is taking place as a result of indolence.

Wake up, King Edward; wake up, Bermuda. We deserve more when we are very sick.

Superb facility. That is where it stops. Nurses need to be reminded that frequent visits to their patients are a priority.

Yes, I know I will get a response that they are “busy”. Sorry, “busy doing nothing” would be my response, as a person that has been there day after day “asking for help” for a sick friend.

Bermuda, we deserve more. We have the facility, and we need willing and anxious staff to take care of our sick.