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Premier must be careful of invoking ‘right side of history’

Premier Michael Dunkley. (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

Michael Dunkley enjoys my support for his leadership of the Government at this difficult time in our development. It is most unfortunate, though, to hear the Premier tell us that to vote yes to same-gender civil unions would put us on the right of history. To say this gave me a deep sense of dismay would be an understatement. To repeat the soundbite of “wrong side of history” is unworthy of the office of the Premier, especially given an impending referendum that includes that very issue on the ballot.

This is a very emotive issue with citizens having deeply held convictions on either side, so against this backdrop it is most surprising, if not stunning, to be relegated to the dung heap of future history for your position.

If we are going to play word games over an issue that has far-reaching ramifications for our future, then a few things should be borne in mind, such as the right side of history gave us the Judaeo-Christian foundation upon which our society has its underpinning.

The right side of history gave us the Ten Commandments, thus providing the foundation of the rule of law, which we all agree is essential for order and decent behaviour. The family established from the cradle of civilisation was the coming together of Adam and Eve to populate the planet at God’s pleasure, being established in the great book of historical beginnings known as Genesis. History is replete with right and wrong choices by a fallen world. People have the right to choose for sure, but it was never intended that we careen down a path of revisionist morality.

Bermuda does not need to follow the world on this issue of same-gender intimacy as a right of national adoption and reordering our very core values to accommodate that which is very wrong and then to posture that it will place us on the right side of history.

In conclusion, I most respectfully disagree with the Premier making such a matter-of-fact statement in the advance of the referendum and telling us which way we should vote for the reasons he stated, which many of us take strong umbrage with.

Postmodern thinking is now the new rationale of what has become accepted as human rights and to adopt this new mantra will us put down a very troubling and contradicting future as pertains to right and wrong. If we accept the new doctrine of same-gender unions as mainstream and inclusive in our social orientation, then our children will have to be taught accordingly.

We chart a course not only on the wrong side of the future, but also very wrong-headed.