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Airport will be island ‘blot’

Dear Sir,

I have been coming here to visit friends regularly for some years and have a love in my heart for your wonderful country, as do most people who are lucky enough to experience this island.

First, I would like to thank you for making myself and others so welcome here, always there are so many friendly faces. The laid-back pace of life, lush semi-tropical vegetation, breathtaking coastline and the unmistakable character of the charming Bermudian homes and buildings make it unique in a world increasingly spoilt by so-called “progress” and modernisation.

Many, many people value what you have here and I for one felt driven to write about the plan for the proposed “new blot” on the otherwise beautiful landscape, which is being referred to as “Bermuda’s new, world-class airport”. It seems that these new buildings, although no doubt futuristic, by comparison with Bermuda’s wonderful character, would look totally hideous and out of keeping with the beautiful environment.

What seems important to me and the numerous people whom I have spoken to is that we arrive being overwhelmed; not by the apparent wealth and modern facility here, but by the “difference” in the architecture.

In other words, travellers want to arrive on an island such as this and see straightaway the uniqueness of the buildings and surroundings.

Travellers don’t want to fly into an airport that looks and feels the same as the one they flew out of ... what’s good about that, exactly? People want to look out of the aircraft on landing and “feel” the difference; be absorbed by the feeling of being in a different culture.

I am lucky enough to have travelled to many countries in my lifetime, although your airport needs some renovation and could benefit from some improvements. As a tourist, I suggest that Bermuda would be a more successful holiday destination if you were to retain the true Bermudian character at your airport.

For me, the biggest improvement for the airport would be the portable ramps, such as they have at Reagan airport, so that we could roll our hand luggage off the planes instead of having to carry them down those shaky and dangerous stairs.

These ramps have rain covers and if they are good enough for Washington, why not Bermuda?

Please save this island and preserve its character for future generations.

Sometimes less is more.