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Bean has abandoned Bermuda

Called out: a PLP member says he is concerned about Marc Bean’s health, but after a four-month absence, the public should be updated about his wellbeing and intentions

Dear Sir,

For more than three months, the Progressive Labour Party has been without its official leader.

When Marc Bean suffered a stroke in March, he was already under heavy pressure to resign because of ineffective leadership, weird public statements and other challenges.

We are not insensitive people. We are concerned when any of our soldiers falls to illness or misfortune. We are concerned about Marc and his family. However, it has been four months since Marc Bean has fallen ill. To this day, the PLP, Parliament and Bermuda are still unaware of his health status and his intentions.

He has been sighted around Bermuda, including the White Hill area, and has travelled abroad. However, he has not returned to the House of Assembly in his role as Leader of the Opposition.

He has abandoned his colleagues. He has abandoned Bermuda.

Where is Marc Bean?

The PLP cannot continue to drift out to sea. The time has come to call Marc Bean to answer to the people whom he was elected to serve.

Represent or get out of the way.


PLP member

Update: this letter has been amended to include the name of the author, which was inadvertently omitted owing to an HTML markup error