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Mystery over origin of cheques

Dear Sir,

I admire the Lois Browne Evans Building every time I am in the vicinity of Church Street, Court Street and Victoria Street. Having been in the building most of my life, I think of the planning, architecture and erecting of a wonderful structure mostly during the Progressive Labour Party administration.

I remember there having been a change of contractors. I remember during the final stages of construction that two cheques were found having been made out to the Premier, Ewart Brown, and Derrick Burgess.

I wonder if ever we will find out who made out these cheques. Obviously, they had been produced to spoil the reputations of these two well-respected gentlemen.

I know of the appointing of people to look into actions of the PLP monetarily, but it seems that no one will be appointed to investigate the origins of these cheques.



Dame Lois Browne Evans Building