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Where is UK football coverage on CableVision?

No show: a reader is frustrasted at the lack of Engligh football coverage (Photograph by Martin Rickett/PA/AP)

Dear Sir,

Bermuda CableVision have consistently provided rubbish service at high prices for years.

How many time do we go to our favourite channel and find it blacked out or not working.

Now we have just started the English football season.

I pay for almost everything but here is their Saturday midday football offering:

Channel 22 — German football

27 — English Premier League — certainly not showing any football

53 — German

101 (NBC sports) — blacked out

121 — French

338 — Chinese (!!!)

350 — (Sports Max — which was football) Athletics

351 — Spanish

That’s six channels of football and three more channels where I would expect football.

No communication from them and can’t speak to anyone locally on a Saturday.

Add to that internet speeds at a high price (I get four times their speed in US for a lower price) and I am done.

When I find a good alternative I’ll write again.

WILSON, Warwick