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Causeway is cause for concern

Needing replacement: The Causeway, pictured after being battered by Fabian

Dear Sir,

I like the sound of a new airport. I wholeheartedly agree that a new airport is overdue, but what concerns me more is, are we going to replace the Causeway leading to the airport? It has already been proven that a severe hurricane can do major damage to it. So here is my take: replace the present Causeway structure with a new bridge construction like Watford Bridge in Somerset.

It doesn’t have to be as high as Watford Bridge; it could be half that height and be built on the north-western side of our present Causeway structure.

A new bridge, Watford Bridge-style would require little or no maintenance and would be wider than the present Causeway. I say wider because if an accident were to occur, it would not impede on the traffic flow.

Maybe having also a third lane that could be used by large tractor-trailer traffic. We could do away with the present Bailey bridge; it could be used for a replacement of the present Swing Bridge in St George’s, if needed, or we could build a structure like Watford Bridge alongside the present Swing Bridge in St George’s and do away with the old bridge altogether.

Ps. To help to pay for new bridge structures, use traffic fines, and boat user and mooring fees.