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Call to remember Clarence Hill

Local legend: Clarence Hill (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,

I have just returned from visiting family and friends in Bermuda.

While there I read with great interest an article by Khalid Wasi on Clarence Hill. Still the smallest population to win a medal — and what a great boxer.

Two years ago, I visited Controversy Boxing Gym on Queen Street with my son, and it was my privilege to meet Mr Hill, who was there with his grandson. I had a very interesting talk with him and it was a great memory for me.

Again this year we visited Controversy and my son sparred with local boxer Tyler Christopher; a young man with huge potential and a great role model for his peers.

Head coach Leo Richardson does a fantastic job there and, in these troubled times, his contribution to the island should be recognised.

We were warmly welcomed again and Leo’s technical knowhow has benefited my son’s boxing career immensely. His humour and discipline are awe-inspiring. In closing, I feel that Mr Wasi’s call for something to remember Clarence Hill’s achievement should be heeded. It is surely something that could be built on.

EAMONN, LISA AND PATRICK EUSTACE, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England