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Bermuda must shine in face of dark election

Khalid Wasi says Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has defied all “moralist norms” (Photograph by Evan Vucci/AP)

Dear Sir,

This fiasco in the American presidential election may be a turning point with global effect on all democracies, including aspiring nations. Up until now, character was very much part of the ethos for leadership.

The Donald Trump campaign has defied all the moralist norms, turning the electorate to their core, almost as reptilian responses to electoral options.

The Brexit vote was similar in showing of a gut response and rejection of the new age of globalisation and diversity. What has been released on the world is an unapologetic vote to return to a tribal sense of nationhood. The great ideals of constitutionalism multiculturalism is no longer a popular theme for politicians to espouse.

Back in the early 1990s, the North American Free Trade Agreement was touted as the ultimate of hemispheric vision. Today, even Hillary Clinton has had to run from any association with the thought of a borderless hemisphere.

Even Bermuda has lurched back towards inward thinking. More alarming, however, is when a proposed leader has as many as 12 women claiming to have been sexually molested by him, including is the candidate’s own admission — all embraced and supported by an electorate that is willing to forgive major immorality for policy positions. Crimes that have led to persons losing their political careers for only a sniff of what is tolerated at present.

The knock-on effect and lessons learnt will have significant impact on future elections everywhere.

Truth no longer has to be proven. “Say what you like, check the authenticity later” becomes the new standard.

I fear for the modelling of this type of character in politics. Small jurisdictions such as Bermuda who still remain 100 years behind the enlightened format of an American democracy will have no impetus to move forward. In fact, we will use the modelling of the US as a means to retract even farther into the darker ages of politics when democratic ideals were lacking.

What nation will stand, notwithstanding this 2016 presidential display of gutter politics, and put forward principled leadership and broader humanistic ideals. It would be nice if I could say Bermuda will stand.

In fact, it would be great if we could shine a light in a world that is becoming increasingly dark.

We can only implore that we hold up principles wherever you stand, no matter how small your sphere of influence may look. it is important to let your light shine and stand against the dark clouds of immorality.