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US chaos shows we must unite for Bermuda

Dear Sir,

If we do not take a lesson from the chaos happening in the United States today, we do not and will not deserve the wonderful wisdom of our ancestors, who for years kept Bermuda the envy of the world.

To break asunder, rabble-rouse and gather in discontent should be a no-no from now on.

Ask ourselves: what do we all want? Peace? Security? Prosperity? Then we must close ranks regardless of our political persuasion and, with true conviction, say: “What is good for Bermuda and not what is good for me.”

What is the mystery, the secret of Bermuda’s success? Her people, known all over the world for their charm and courtesy, but most of all for their wise administration of seeing what is important.

We are on the cusp of history. So with all her people seeing what is important once again, we will leave an imprint of outstanding success and pride for another generation.