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A true friend who comes rain or shine

Diana Williams’s silent hero is Mr Whayman Trott, who delivers her paper whatever the weather

Dear Sir,

I received my paper at 5am as per usual and, regarding Diana Williams’s letter, I too have a silent hero: Mr Whayman Trott, who comes rain or shine.

But he is not only silent, he will call here to check how I am. He will bring bananas and if I have a problem, I know I can always call him.

Yes, he’s my hero in so many ways. I’m enjoying reading the paper, but I have been enjoying the paper since 5am when I brought it in. And, yes, I do appreciate even after the hurricane when he brought two papers for the day that one wasn’t published in time. And he goes out of his way in so many ways.

He has been wonderful over the years. And I get every courtesy. When he doesn’t come, I always call Circulation to find out the state of his health.

A true friend and long live the Gazette. I don’t have a computer, I don’t want a computer, but I do love my paper.

So keep up the good work. Thank you and have a blessed day.