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Pretty Mullet Bay views can be enjoyed again

Dear Sir,

For some months, I have enjoyed the picturesque view of the western part of Mullet Bay. It is a view enjoyed by all, until the roadside hedges took over.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Public Works and the parks department on behalf of both residents and visitors alike, who can now once again enjoy one of the most delightful views in Bermuda.

The pastel-coloured houses that spill down the hillsides, ending with the boats that reflect on the glasslike surface of the bay, can once again only bring joy to all who may pause to enjoy nature at its best.

On a similar note, may I also take this opportunity to offer three cheers to the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Whether on parade on a public holiday, performing up and down the island or up on our roofs in times of emergency, young or seasoned, women or men, I salute you.