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Religious freedom under attack

Dear Sir,

The AME bishop appoints the ministers of the AME Church. When the state attempts to impose itself on what we must believe and what we must do in our religious practices, we are in serious trouble.

It is not only the AME congregations that should be seriously concerned, but all churches and religious groups should be very concerned — and should react. Now we have come to a place where the Government is making “rules” about what we must believe and what we must do in regards to our religious practice. All of us should insist that the Government keep its hands off our religious beliefs and practices.

Our religious freedom is under attack.

In addition, the sanctimonious comments of the Minister of Home affairs about “rules” is both frustrating and infuriating because it represents such smug hypocrisy. We all know how the “rules” do not apply, not only in regards to the America’s Cup but whenever the interests of wealthy whites are involved.

As a black community, we need to recognise how our second-class status is reinforced by the personal, petty vindictiveness of a few blacks who are allotted just enough power to demean and betray other blacks and their interests.

All of us need to resist these blacks, just as some of us have resisted overt white supremacy and white racism.