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Tweed ‘facts’ should be brought into open

Nicholas Tweed

Dear Sir,

I would like to make a few comments on the present unrest over the Government turning down the work permit request on behalf of AME pastor the Reverend Nicholas Tweed.

First, the Government, the minister for the control, nor anybody else in the ruling party has the power to overrule the law. Therefore, the minister is doing her duty by turning down this application on the grounds that it was not advertised correctly, the form was not properly completed and that it was submitted late.

The AME Church? Why did it not advertise the job. It must be aware of its responsibilities in this or any other job replacement.

Tweed has remained silent, letting the Bermuda Industrial Union do the talking for him.

The Progressive Labour Party has remained silent to date. Did it not argue in Parliament for an amendment to this law for jobs to be advertised in the media, which was passed.

The form was not correctly submitted. Who filled it out and who submitted it? Was it the Church or Tweed?

Looking at the issue, there is something fishy about this application.

The advertising of this position was the duty of the AME Church. This would invite applicants for this job from other suitable young Bermudians who were qualified. Or were they waiting for him to go, then they would advertise the position?

While once again the island is being held in fear of more civil unrest by the BIU, I feel that it is the duty of the BIU and Mr Tweed to give us the facts, as it would appear that neither the home affairs minister or the AME Church is going to do so.

Let’s get these facts out in the open.