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Hayward proved he is unfit to lead

Jason Hayward (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

Firstly, I would like to voice my appreciation for all those public service workers who decided to keep working throughout the week, you have helped ease the burden on your fellow Bermudians.

BPSU president Jason Hayward has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is unfit to be a leader. Youth and intemperance often hold hands, but still, it is unbelievable how Mr Hayward thinks it is appropriate to use the words “civil” and “war” in the same sentence over such an issue as the Reverend Tweed’s work permit renewal. Mr Hayward also stated: “We can easily bring this battle to the doorsteps of many who have loud mouths and are extremely disrespectful.”

Perhaps Mr Hayward should do a little reflecting on the comments he has made recently, and ponder if he himself is one of the voices who is dividing the union membership.

The People’s Campaign stands for equality, jobs, and justice. When I was present in Victoria Park in 2014, I could not agree more with that sentiment. But in light of recent comments from the group, including labelling the Government’s decision not to renew Mr Tweed’s work permit (after not following Department of Immigration policy and expecting special consideration) as “bully tactics”, it seems they have lost my confidence.

Additionally, Mr Furbert should never have threatened to derail the America’s Cup later this year, and should rescind his threat. The America’s Cup is already employing Bermudians directly and indirectly, and has benefited thousands of Bermudian children.

If Mr Furbert thinks it is wise to jeopardise the event, the opportunities and exposure it brings us, I would say he is much more of an “idiot” than Bob Richards. The world is watching and listening to you Mr Furbert, and resorting to name-calling isn’t going to make any reasonable person view your organisation in a positive light.

I hope those mentioned above understand the gravity of what has transpired this week, moderate their words and actions, and think before they speak.

THOMAS L. MAHONEY, Hamilton Parish