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Our one big chance to present case to world

America’s Cup (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

That the future of international business is now in jeopardy with Donald Trump in the White House must not be underestimated. Please read Nathan Kowalski’s recent Royal Gazette commentary.

Trump’s already announced plan for lower corporate taxes may well soon drive international business jobs onshore. Brexit also puts Bermuda at risk.

These two items alone would suggest that tourism may well, once again, need to become the core industry for the creation of new jobs for Bermudians. The America’s Cup is therefore our one big chance to help to revive the industry by attracting visitors and hotel investors to Bermuda. We need all hands on deck to rekindle tourism.

Our politicians must nurture the creation of new jobs and continued economic growth while encouraging the retooling of our workforce for the future. We need all Bermudians to have every possible chance to pursue investment and employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, together we must fully leverage the huge, one-time America’s Cup opportunity. It is a massive catalyst for future employment opportunities. Our tiny island has been presented with a one-time chance to present our Bermuda to the world.

Instead of tearing each other down, imagine what we can create together. Imagine the possibilities for our island’s future and for our people. Let’s show the world our collective resolve, talent, beauty and strengths.