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Your beautiful island has wow factor

Elbow Beach (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

We wish to affirm the article by David Dodwell in your edition of January 9 headed “The buzz around Bermuda is back”.

My wife and I have just returned from visiting your beautiful island with many happy memories and an appreciation for the way we were treated by all who we came into contact with during our stay there.

The service and interest in our wellbeing was really impressive.

For example:

1. We wanted to buy a T-shirt from the Bermuda Triangle store at the Dockyard, but they did not have the size we wanted. Mary, the sales lady, asked us where we were staying and then went to their warehouse after work and delivered it to us in pouring rain. Wow

2. We hired a scooter from Mrs T at Elbow Beach Cycles and enjoyed the freedom of zooming around the island. Unfortunately, our back tyre had a puncture and we pulled into the Rubis petrol station near Swizzle Inn and asked if they could repair the tyre.

The cashier said they could not, but said that she would kindly call Mrs T, as I was not able to and Mrs T immediately sent a truck with a replacement bike for us halfway across the island. Wow.

3. While at the Dockyard, there was a huge storm and we thought it best to catch the ferry back to Hamilton, rather than try to negotiate the stormy weather on the scooter.

While my wife and I were discussing our options in the Fudge shop, the sales lady piped up and said that she would phone the ferry office to find out for us what time the next ferry was leaving the Dockyard. Wow.

4. The two sisters who work at the Music Box on Reid Street were amazing. They were very knowledgeable and looked endlessly for a particular song that we were after. They then ordered the CD and undertook to ensure that it got to my son before the end of the month. Wow.

People of Bermuda, you really excelled yourselves and we have been singing your praises since we returned to our beloved South Africa.

The purpose of our visit was to meet our first grandchild, born in December, and you all helped to make our visit extra special. Thank you and God bless you all.

Pretoria, South Africa