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OBA has to make unpopular decisions

Dear Sir,

A headline on the front page in today’s Royal Gazette (January 20) — “OBA under threat as PLP enjoys voter swing” — is both good news for Bermuda and bad news for Bermuda.

It is good news because, as Phil Perinchief says “throughout 2016 the OBA, to its detriment, attempted to meet its election agenda by aggressively at times pushing through one unpopular initiative after the other”.

This proves that the One Bermuda Alliance is on the right track, for we must make sacrifices for Bermuda to work its way out of the hole that the PLP put us in. This entails making unpopular decisions.

We were put into this position by reckless spending, and now we have to tighten our belts and pay the piper for all those “free” tunes we danced to. But now, when it comes to actually paying, many change their vote for the party that promises them the easier life and something for nothing.

There is no such thing as something for nothing, though. Everything the Government gives us for “free” is coming out of not only our own pockets, but also out of the pockets of our children and their children.

So, yes, vote for the party that put us in debt in the first place, but remember that at the same time you are saying “to hell with our children’s future”.

Oh, and the bad news? The gravy train looks like it may be coming again.