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Notification of road diversion should be made earlier

Dear Sir,

I would like to share a few concerns with some ideas at improvement. First on the hit list is diversions. The Harbour Road one became a cause for consideration after travelling a mere 50 yards along it.

Notification of diversions should be given earlier; in this case, it should have been given at the old Crow Lane Bakery, with the reason disclosed for the detour and where the work is being done. Please consider the motorists. I was also sworn at by a workman because I stopped when he ordered me to go through a red light. Turn off or arrange to turn off the lights if they are not meant to be obeyed.

Whinge No 2: retailers who don’t disclose prices. Customers like me will remember if we buy something that is overpriced and will be more inclined to shop at places where we have the chance to decide if the price is reasonable. In this case, it was a lovely drink but $8.90 for 12 fluid ounces. Obviously, I can’t change my mind after I have opened it.

Some establishments say I can always ask, but that is more trouble, especially when there are many items. Is it more profitable not to advertise prices?

The last stress point is the plight of the poor grocery packers who probably go without because people go shopping without change. The supermarket in question was collecting for a charity and had a separate category for donations on the receipt, but I have not seen a supermarket that will help the customer without change by having a tips category for the packers on the receipt. Young children packing on Sundays get my biggest kudos. Supermarkets, please make it easier to tip them.