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Let me help struggling senior pay for her passport

Dear Sir,

I was just reading about the difficult plight of a senior with more than enough financial issues not being able to afford to purchase a new passport — “Passport cost highlights plight of seniors” (Royal Gazette, January 20, 2017).

Given that this person has given all her life to others, and obviously still does, I feel it should be important for all of us to be reminded that we all grow old and will one day hope that if we get into similar difficulties, someone will reach out to help.

I know what it is like to have someone who struggles and does their best to live right and pay their way. I would like to be able to purchase the passport for this lady.

My hope is that her grandson, who has graciously offered to take her on holiday, ensures that she has the time of her life.

If you can let me know how I can assist, I would be very grateful.