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Our internet is appalling, and it’s time something was done

Dear Sir,

Our internet service is appalling. We use BTC and subscribe to its 6mg tier. At the moment, the level is so low we cannot even measure the speed.

This is a continuing problem and I know many others suffer along while paying exorbitant prices for a most inferior service. As a matter of interest, our internet price schedule is the fourth most expensive in the world — tucked between Rwanda and Tanzania.

There is nothing really wrong with the local grid or physical network. What is wrong is the local internet service providers buy the minimal amount of capacity and are allowed to get away with it because the local regulatory agency does nothing about it.

Imagine if Belco provided this level of service. We would all be queuing outside the front door of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda.

If you agree and share this with your readers, it may accelerate the start of getting this problem resolved.