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Disappointing bus service spoilt my stay

Disappointed: tourist letter-writer twice had to wait more than an hour for a bus during a five-day stay

Dear Sir,

I have just returned home after five days on the island. I have to say I was very disappointed in your bus service.

On two different occasions I had to wait for a bus for over an hour.

The first time was on Monday, April 3 at Dockyard, my party and about ten others arrived at the bus stop at 4.45pm and the 4.50pm bus did not show. At 5.20pm a bus arrived (route 7) and the female driver got off and said she was going inside a building and did not return for 30 minutes. By that time there were at least 20 people waiting and not a word from her.

On Tuesday, April 4, I was at the Port Royal stop at 4.30pm waiting nearly an hour and a half for a route 7 bus on the pink side. I counted eight buses going the other way before I was picked up. Two route 8 buses and an “off Duty” bus passed my way. Needless to say I did not enjoy my time on your island. I hope you will take steps to improve your bus service because almost every tourist uses the service.

MIKE WEIL, Virginia Beach, Virginia, US