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Let’s not let lack of ferries spoil America’s Cup

Dear Sir,

Like many Bermudian residents of the eastern parishes, I have purchased tickets to attend various America’s Cup events at Dockyard during the month of June — for ourselves and for guests coming to Bermuda just for AC35. They are predominantly weekend events.

Imagine my surprise and dismay to learn that at present there is no plan for there to be ferry service from St George’s to Dockyard on the weekends during the America’s Cup. Really?

All of the residents and guests who are staying at the East End of the island, and wishing to participate in this special time, will have to take the bus or drive into Hamilton and find all-day parking to catch a ferry to Dockyard.

I would have thought that, a, we would strive to reduce congestion wherever possible to ensure the most pleasant experience possible for all; and, b, we would have wanted to offer the ferry as an enhancement to East End guests’ experience.

I understand that the St George’s ferry does not normally run on the weekend, but the period of the America’s Cup is surely meant to be anything but “normal”. The lack of ferries from the East End to Dockyard will turn what ought to have been a wholly pleasurable day’s outing into a huge hassle for all.

Someone please rethink this.