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Bermuda’s beautiful, but we’re cheap

Reid Street 'revamp'? (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

This is regarding the stories published on page 5 of the April 27 edition regarding “ferry returns to St George” and “reading spots on Reid Street”.

I love the fact these two things are happening.

But look closely at both sets of pictures, and ask yourself, what’s the message we’re sending? Bermuda’s beautiful — but we’re cheap.

Knowing in advance that the ferry was returning, why weren’t the dock or benches repainted? Or even new flowers and shrubs planted around?

There was some nice scaffolding under our flag in the background though ...

And then we had the nerve to put out on Reid Street what looks like it’s straight from a home-made plywood box project from five-year-olds. For people to, what? Stare over their book, at untreated wood, old traffic cones, at dodgy construction with no shade?

Please post this so we can be aware and correct these oversights for the lovely guests we have here now and the America’s Cup guests we are expecting.