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Needing more proof that PLP has changed

PLP candidates for the General Election

Dear Sir,

I have this feeling that the Progressive Labour Party are trying to sabotage the America’s Cup because it knows it will be the turning point for the economy. It is obvious that the rich bring monies into the economy, and everyone benefits from that. Why do you think everyone is fighting so hard to have this event in their country?

Everything that I have heard the PLP complain about, it had the same opportunity to fix while it was in power. It built a mega school with state-of-the-art facilities, while all the other public schools fell apart. Schools don’t fall apart in just a few years.

They keep harping on the One Bermuda Alliance as being just for one group — and that is the rich, white man. Funny, I saw exactly the same from PLP, but it was for the rich, black man. Think about it: how did you as an average Bermudian fare? Were you better off?

What about we had to lie to get your votes? That to me says it all about what I want, not what Bermudians want. Yes, we have to suffer for those bad decisions that used up all our money; after all, money doesn’t grow on trees.

Nowadays with the party system, we are not voting for the individual, but voting for the party. So if we voted you in to represent us and our party, you don’t have the right to decide to stop doing that.

The PLP has said it has changed. Prove it. I don’t see it. Maybe you should disband and then start anew. Because it seems your core is about prejudice — against the rich — envy and hatred. Please change my mind. I didn’t see you help the old people or children. They can’t vote and it’s all about votes for you. Just remember twisting the truth is lie.