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Embarrassing that Mundy gets executive treatment

Kirk Mundy

Dear Sir,

Could it be true that you and I as taxpayers will be paying for a convicted felon (Kirk Mundy) who admitted to being an accessory to the murder and rape of Rebecca Middleton in 1996?

Sending him home to Jamaica last week in a private jet? This should surely be an embarrassment to any government official who gave the order and made the decision.

I was told it was for security that we are spending thousands to send this man home safely. Excuse me, but does he deserve security and/or safety?

Having lived through this tragic and scandal-filled trial in 1996, which made international news, I am more disgusted than I could ever express on paper in this letter, for fear it would not be published. That this government felt that this man needed protection gives one an inkling as to why both men are still alive today. Let us hope he gets the welcome in Jamaica that he deserves.