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Letter ‘despicable’ and ‘incendiary’

President Donald Trump (Photograph by Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Dear Sir,

The disgusting effrontery of this Bermudian, E. McNeil Stovell, a “blue-collar worker from around back of town who lived up in Marsh Folly with a gorgeous view of Pembroke Dump” — his own description of himself in the Gazette of September this year — is despicable.

His “opinion” to the Editor on October 18 of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, infuriates me. I am a US citizen, living half of every year in our Bermuda home for more than 35 years. During all of these years, my family have supported in enumerable ways the wellbeing of this country with money, time and resources. Never have my family disparaged or insulted the Bermuda Government or the leaders of either Bermuda party by composing such an insulting letter.

Mr Stovell is a Bermudian. I greatly abhor and greatly resent Mr Stovell’s gall to write such hateful words to be published that show such disrespect for my country’s leadership. How repugnant that he inserted the KKK, Hitler and David Duke in his incendiary words about my nation and my president. His appalling impudence is disgusting.

So much more of Mr Stovell’s nasty letter appals me as an American. Interestingly, I am neither an avowed Democrat, nor Republican. And, unlike Mr Stovell, I do not write incendiary words about my nation and my president. Nor do I write about his Bermuda leaders that have imperfections and/or dishonest ways of doing things, which have been exposed over the many years.

You owe an apology to me and all Americans.